[Bf-cycles] SceneRenderLayers settings and 2.8

Dalai Felinto dfelinto at gmail.com
Fri Nov 10 18:15:55 CET 2017

As part of the work for 2.8 we are moving settings from
SceneRenderLayer into SceneLayer.

This is the initial impression on how we would like to handle the
individual settings currently at  SceneRenderLayer that need to be
ported to SceneLayer:

* name [done]
* mat_override [override]
* light_override [override]
* lay [removed]
* lay_zmask [???]
* lay_exclude [???]
* layflag [*]
* passflag [keep]
* pass_xor [keep]
* samples [ViewRender + overrides]
* pass_alpha_threshold [ViewRender?]
* prop [keep]
* freestyleConfig [keep]

[done] - Already in SceneLayer
[keep] - To be ported as it is
[override] - To be ported (in the future) as override
[ViewRender] - To move into a ViewRender settings
[???] - Not sure how to handle it
[*] - layflag will be merged with the existing SceneLayer flags, while

Since this affect Cycles I would like to double-check if anyone here
sees any issues with that. In particular I'm interested on idezs to
handle lay_zmask and lay_exclude.

Thank you,

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