[Bf-cycles] More operations per material and per object

asmithey at cox.net asmithey at cox.net
Thu Nov 2 04:33:35 CET 2017


I come form am Maxwell Render background and Maxwell does something very
well with lots of flexibility.  This is achieved by have specific tools be
available per object or per materials.  Similar with how render-layers might
be used in some cases.  But with render layers we are limited to what we can
do.  For instance,  ID masks, denoising, shadow passes and matte materials
and extra sampling.  I am sure there are more instances.  

It would be great if we could simply assign ID masks, as pure alpha
channels, per material or object.  Assign denoising to a material or an
object, not dependent on render layers only.  Assign materials to create a
shadow pass for a specific material or object only, not dependent on render
layers only.  And assign extra sampling to materials or objects, not
dependent on render layers only.  This adds more flexibility.

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