[Bf-cycles] OpenMP Cloud Research - Adding it to Cycles

Jaros Milan milan.jaros at vsb.cz
Fri Jul 7 22:56:11 CEST 2017

Hi Matheus,

you can look at this patch (OpenMP version):

I am working now on MPI version of distributed rendering:

Best regards

Dne 7. 7. 2017 22:35 napsal uživatel Matheus Diamantino <matheusmortatti at gmail.com>:
Hey!  I'm a graduate student at UNICAMP (Brazil) and myself, a PhD student and a professor have a project that aims to make it easy to use the cloud as an OpenMP offload device (https://ompcloud.github.io/). It's basically normal OpenMP, but you set the target as the cloud.

So, we wanted to test it and add GPU support with Cycles and I wanted to ask if anyone can give us some directions or even say if it is actually feasible to do it!

Thank you,

Matheus Mortatti.
Matheus Mortatti Diamantino

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