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I'm not sure how Houdini plugins work - I guess they're written in C++?
You'll want to get rid of the XML step in between and link to Cycles directly.

Cycles is basically split up into 4 "levels" (in the code: /blender/, /render/, /device/ and /kernel/ - all paths relative to the Cycles folder, which is intern/cycles/ in the Blender source)
The first part is the Blender-specific glue logic, that's the one that you basically need to replicate for Houdini. The other three are independent of the underlying application, you can re-use those.

So, my tips would be:
- Set up a build environment where you can compile Cycles (without the /blender/ part) as a library and link it to your plugin.
- Look at the Cycles API in /render/ (a good place to start is /render/session.h)
- Look at how the Blender integration works - for setting up a Session and rendering, check /blender/blender_session.cpp and for syncing your data, check /blender/blender_sync.cpp
- Write your own glue code that manages the Session and syncs the data from Houdini.

Another example that you can check regarding how to call the "Cycles API" is the standalone renderer that you're probably using with XML files currently, it's in the /app/ folder.

Am 31.01.2017 um 01:27 schrieb Alvaro Castaneda:
> Hi Everyone
> I'm sure this list is full of amazing intelligent people and my questions might be a little silly but I just have to ask.
> Any guidelines, tips or code I can look at for integrating Cycles into another app?
> I'm trying to make it work with Houdini, in houdini the way renderer integrations work is really similar to who the Renderman for Blender works, basically you have 2 apps talking to each other.
> right now I can write an XML from Houdini and launch Cycles and renders ok, the main thing I would like to implement is the interactivity part, making cycles live to changes from Houdini, any tips on how that is done?
> thank you for you help for this wannabe developer 
> thanks
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