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Vasfi Gümüş vgumus08 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 10 15:15:00 CET 2017

With blender Internal render, it is ok to bake map from a certain level of
detail to the higher one with multires modifier and when I get some output
from another software like World Machine. I can bake the displace modifier
and create normal map for the rest of detail.

However the problem is when I create procedural node system for
displacement within cycles, I can't do anything to save the black and white
image. I was wondering if there could be any chance to add some output node
for the complex node setup. In this way I can export a map then I can use
that map as displacement map for the displace modifier and within blender
internal I can bake normal map from low res.

Of course another way is to make baking for multires modifier available for
cycles as well but I would still need the displacement result as an Image.

In short is there any way to get result of node system as an image, like
color output?
Or in the future multires will be enabled for cycles too?

Best Regards,
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