[Bf-cycles] Tile memory deleted before rendering complete

griffin2000 garethmorgan1977 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 4 20:46:47 CET 2017

Though I still get a crash in my app, even though the standalone cycles app
is working for me.

The order in my app matches the standalone app, but I still get that crash. 
Any idea what the issue could be?  Code below

//Create Session
	session = new ccl::Session(session_params);
	buffer_params = new ccl::BufferParams();
	buffer_params->width = width;
	buffer_params->height = height;
	buffer_params->full_width = width;
	buffer_params->full_height = height;
//Create scene
	session->scene = new ccl::Scene(scene_params, session->device);
//Setup scene, meshes, etc.
//Reset and start session
	session->reset(*buffer_params, session_params.samples);

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