[Bf-cycles] Why remove square samples?

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probably the third time I send this mail, at this point this is almost a test to know if i can send mails to this mailing list (Bf-Cycles) if this mail went trough, great  : )  my opinion reach the target  


Here I talk with Eugenio Pignataro (Aka: Oscurart) we agree that its nice to have the square option but not being forced to used it, we consider that there are situations where having the possibility to fine tune the sampling parameters its a very usufull possibility, there are situations where you wont want to rise the double but to find the exact sweet spot. 

About keeping the ui and what should be the default, i personally consider that its basically the same, if we have the ui option and i dont feel comfortable with the default, i just change it and Ctrl+U :)  and if the UI option its no more there, its also simple to write  x*x or (pow(x,2))  or something like that to get the multiplier in the parameters. 

In other words i prefer always to have the possibility to fine tune and touch instead to be forced to use X in certain way, although it could be a nice simplification to bare in mind for "Blender 101" 

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    El Martes, 15 de agosto, 2017 18:21:40, Irfan Celik <irfan.celik at gmail.com> escribió:

 I think it makes sense to grey out or remove it when Path Tracing is enabled.In Branched Path Tracing I prefer it to be on as well._______________________________________________
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