[Bf-cycles] AMD publishes FireRays source code

Stefan Werner swerner at smithmicro.com
Thu May 19 13:52:45 CEST 2016

True, there are references to instancing and motion blur in the “outside” API:

It looks like only object-level transformation blur to me, no vertex level deformations – or am I missing something? Eventually, I’d love to see improved motion blur in Cycles, embree supports it on a BVH level and it’s very fast.


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From my initial search on the FireRays github, found referencing to instancing code here

and motion blur support here


> Hi,
> I've been checking the sources another day. Was mainly looking into
> traversal parts of the code.
> There's interesting to see stackless traversal implemented, however from a
> quick investigation it only supports AABB nodes (unless i've missed
> something?) and the ray-triangle intersection does not seem to be
> implementing any of robust intersection checks. There is also no instancing
> support.
> I hoped to see some vectorization happening in QBVH traversal, but there's
> no such a thing, all the children are traversed one by one.
> Main advantage f those kernels would be from bucketed ray-to-scene
> intersectons. It might be better performance, but we do something really
> similar in the split kernel (we use stack there tho). Would be interesting
> to see how the FireRays kernels will behave after OBB/MoBlur/Hair support
> added tho.
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