[Bf-cycles] Disney BRDF Implementation in Cycles

Lukas Stockner lukas.stockner at freenet.de
Wed May 11 16:18:00 CEST 2016


The Disney BRDF shader is actually pretty interesting for Cycles!
I've played around with it for a while as well, but my code isn't fully
working yet, so it'd be awesome to have your code around.

Some notes:
- There's actually a later revision of the paper you linked with a few
more details, might be handy:
- There's also a completely revised BSDF that includes actual subsurface
scattering and transmission, and they note that it solves a few issues
with energy conservation and path tracing in general that the original
2012 BRDF has:
- I'm currently working on energy-conserving microfacet closures, which
would pretty much solve the issue that caused them to include the sheen
stuff - at the cost of not being 100% compatible to other implementations.

But that can all be handled later - in general, it would be awesome to
have the Disney BRDF/BSDF in Cycles, and your code would certainly be
welcome! Even if we go with the revised BSDF, it is pretty similar to
the original BRDF, so it could be upgraded easily.


Am 11.05.2016 um 15:57 schrieb "Pascal Schön":
> Hey guys,
> For a few months now I’m implementing (on a private repository) the
> Disney BRDF shader
> (https://disney-animation.s3.amazonaws.com/library/s2012_pbs_disney_brdf_notes_v2.pdf)
> as a new node in Cycles. By now there have only been a few external
> approaches, where a render server (like in Appleseed or Renderman) is
> accessed by a Blender plugin. But it would be nice to get access to this
> without any additional software to install.
> The current state of my implementation is, that the OSL closure is
> finished and has also been tested against Renderman. Both acted the same
> in my testcases (except for the rendering approches by the two
> renderers, which cause some minor differences in indirect lighting).
> Another step that I’ve taken was to implement the node to easily access
> the Disney BRDF.
> Currently OSL has to be activated, because I haven’t done all steps to
> include the Disney BRDF completely in Cycles. But I think that’s only
> one small step to take. There I hope to get some help by the community
> because it's a bit confusing where to add which code fragment.
> You can see some screenshots here:
> https://www.dropbox.com/sh/j7w4v0bu9a5jhvz/AADSF3nm3LZCZnHgyPMwhrT6a?dl=0
> I would be pleased if you tell me if this would be nice to have or if it
> is too special for Blender.
> Pascal
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