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Thu Jun 16 09:09:14 CEST 2016

I'm using Blender on a shot for a bigger project right now, and while I'm
enjoying it a lot (never had a single crash so far and its not a lightweight
scene) there is some stuff that I either don't know how to do, might do wrong or
simply can't do because of the programs limitiations.
So if you could please shed some light on a couple of questions...
Here we go:
1.:  Custom AOVs (Passes)?
I need to create a couple of RGB masks. At the moment I create a new renderlayer
with an override rgb material (Obj-ID decides if R,G,B, or black). Since I have
a couple of objects, I end up with a lot of renderlayers, which makes the
rendering process longer. In Vray there is the multimatte-element channel that
you can use for that and in Arnold you can freely setup your aovs (passes,
channels, whatever it is called in different software). Is there something like
this in cycles that I haven't noticed yet, or is the workflow I'm using atm the
one to go for atm?
2.: Custom Attributes 
As I understand it, cycles can already access some predefined attributes on a
per vertex level (?). But how about if I give custom attributes to objects? E.g.
if I give a customID property to my objects, could I use that in the rendertree
instead of ObectInfo->ObjectID?
3.: Nodes
I really could use some nodes like the "rescale" node that is mentioned in
another thread on this list, because I'm running a custom OCIO configuration and
run into the fcurve issues that are mentioned here
https://github.com/sobotka/bassam-test  (last point in "Help! grading is
tricky"). Also a random node with a seed input (e.g. ObjID) would be awesome.
Which brings me to the next point....
4.: Beginners Guide to write cycles shaders/nodes
Is there some guide on writing and compiling cycles shaders (not osl) and custom
nodes (maybe I could write the nodes in 4. myself?). Could compiled shaders and
nodes be shared, or has a custom blender build to be used for that?
5.: Logging
I think I already asked that a while ago, but is it possible to reduce cycles
logging output? The log files on the renderfarm are huge, and I porbably just
would need some summary info.
....there is probably more, but that is all that comes to my head right now....
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