[Bf-cycles] Cycles memory leaks

Thomas Krebs Thomas.Krebs at mecadtron.de
Tue Jul 12 18:31:15 CEST 2016


We are currently trying to integrate cycles into our 3d app.
We have successfully implemented a collada exporter from our app
and produced some nice images in Blender.
Now we got the standalone cycles app compiled and running.
We found that cycles leaks quite some bit from some static
initializers. As we try to solve leaks by monitoring leaks reports from
MSVC this is somewhat problematic.
Personally I would prefer not to have static initializers rather than
some initialize/terminate functions, which would make cycles even more
usable for integration in other systems.
Is there some effort going on to address that situation or would such
an effort be welcome?
We might supply changes for that but we would leave it up to more
experienced submitters to integrate such changes, if at all.


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