[Bf-cycles] OSL on the GPU

Matthew Heimlich matt.heimlich at gmail.com
Sat Feb 13 01:08:50 CET 2016

As far as I know from the last time someone looked into it, it's not
actually OSL on the GPU, it's more like a conversion at run time from a
subset of OSL to GPU friendly instructions, and is apparently quite slow.

On Fri, Feb 12, 2016 at 6:50 PM, Zauber Paracelsus <zauber at gridmail.org>

> I had been browsing, and it appears that someone was able to get
> OpenShadingLanguage to run on the GPU (along with dual CPU/GPU
> rendering, to boot).  Namely, it was Spectral Studio 13, a
> physically-accurate and unbiased renderer, like Cycles.  Unlike Cycles,
> however, it is proprietary.  It does prove that it can be done though,
> so hopefully such a capability won't be far off for cycles.
> (I am unable to include a link, as the mailing list's spam filter will
> reject the email if I do)
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