[Bf-cycles] Qt + Cycles

Giovanni Remigi g.remigi at kineticsystem.org
Sat Dec 17 11:21:52 CET 2016

Hi everybody, this is my first post to this mailing list.

My name is Giovanni and I'm a Software Developer. My commercial background
is Java but my secret love is C++ and computer graphics.

Following suggestion of Dalai Felinto I'm posting some news here.

I've successfully integrated Qt and Cycles (CPU only) and a sample
application is available here:


This integration is part of a much bigger commercial application,
Lentigram, which I'm developing to print on lenticular media, best known as
3D photography. I integrated CPU only raytracing because I often work with
huge textures.

As shown in the following videos, I'm using Cycles for optical simulation,
to preview the final lenticular print before actually printing.


A demo of the software, with watermarks is available on my website:

I decided to release a sample project showing how Cycles is integrated to
Qt, my little bit of contribution.

At the moment I'm trying to implement real time anaglyph generation in
Cycles, something that can switch on and off with a checkbox, but so far
not much success :-) I know how to create an anaglyph in Cycles, but what
I'm looking for is realtime generation. If anybody has some suggestion I
would be grateful.

Lenticular media is a great way to showcase 3D work, I hope to see more 3D
artists using this technology in the future to present their work.

Kind Regards,

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