[Bf-cycles] Cycles performance on Tesla K80

Prayaag Kasundra prayaag at decorastudio.com
Sun Dec 11 22:23:43 CET 2016

In my last emails I wrote about running cycles on new Azure NC6 VM . I was
able to solve the issue and do test run. And  I am surprised by the result. 


For the same scene, Cycles on Azure NC6 VM with Tesla K80 performed slightly
slower than my laptop having  GTX 755M chip. Am I missing something here?  I
expected it to be terribly fast. 


Following is the configuration of Azure NC6 VMs. ( Check for more
&pi=6d23ba27-2b2b-4c67-bf1d-00e56057b79c>   ) 


Intel Xeon E5-2690 (Six core) 

Tesla K80 (1/2 of physical card) 




Azure VM with Tesla K80 : http://prnt.sc/di7klm

Y510 laptop with GTX 755M : http://prnt.sc/di7lvf


The scene is having basic geometry, seemingly high intensity background and
note texture, is exported from our application. This makes me think,
probably, it doesn't make any difference for simpler scene, but for complex
scene and lighting, K80 will be much more faster. 


Also in order to utilize power of Tesla K80  and 56 GB main memory, can I
run multiple instance of cycles.exe renders at a time ?


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