[Bf-cycles] CUDA error on Azure NC6 VM with Tesla K80

Prayaag Kasundra prayaag at decorastudio.com
Sun Dec 11 19:38:21 CET 2016

Thanks Thomas and Nathan for help. 


- I built again (the tag 1.7.0). Although last time too I had checked
"WITH_CYCLES_CUDA_BINARIES"  but this time I built again to be sure. But it
only generated  these many cubin files: http://prntscr.com/di5dh6 . Which
too, doesn't contain kernel_sm_37.cubin (Like previously as well ) that was
giving this error previously: http://prnt.sc/dhz3g9 on VM with Tesla K80


( Last time I mentioned concern of compiling on VM server because I thought
when we check WITH_CYCLES_CUDA_BINARIES   it somehow checks for   CUDA
device (based on drivers or something ) on the machine  and then builds
kernels/bin required for that. So I though may be it needs to be built on
target VM machine)







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