[Bf-cycles] Cycles attributes on object level?

gandalf3 zzyxpaw at gmail.com
Thu Aug 18 03:04:07 CEST 2016

This will make *all* objects using the material use the property on the 
*one* object specified in the driver
I'd be nice if there was a way to reference a value on the object owning 
the material, e.g. the object's dimensions.

Perhaps this capability could be added to the relative "self" reference 
now included in drivers? "Self" refers to the datablock containing the 
driver, and in the case of a driver on a node, refers to the node itself 
(which doesn't help if you want to get things like object dimensions).

Maybe a it would be possible to add another special variable like 
"self_object" which references the object *using* whatever datablock the 
driver is on?

On 08/17/2016 10:33 AM, Zauber Paracelsus wrote:
> IIRC, this can be done.  You take a Value node, and then add a drive 
> to it, and configure the driver to use the relevant object property.  
> A bit clunky, but it works.
> On 08/17/2016 01:26 PM, Mohamed Sakr wrote:
>> Hi,
>> is there a way to add attributes on object level? (per Object not per 
>> Mesh).
>> other than extending the Object Class with hard coded members, may be 
>> adding attributes to the object (on object level, so attributes will 
>> have a single parameter), and pass them later to KernelGlobals?
>> @Brecht, @Sergey , ideas?
>> also is there a way to add a normalize node? (normalizing an array to 
>> the array max, not per element function)?
>> so if input to the new normalize node is an image (or any array) with 
>> data ranging from any range (like -20 to 500) , output will be from 0 
>> to 1. , input range is unknown (unknown min/max).
>> cheers,
>> Mohamed Sakr
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