[Bf-cycles] [Bf-blender-cvs] [08ebd72] master: Buildbot: Use annoying hybrid setup of two CUDA toolkits

Carlo Andreacchio carlorules at gmail.com
Wed Aug 3 00:26:21 CEST 2016

Hey Sergey,

I am experiencing a approximately 15-20% speed increase with the Fermi
sm_20 with GTX 580 & 590. I think that this speed increase is worthwhile
switching over from CUDA 7.5 to CUDA 8 for these cards as well.

Kind Regards


> Hey again,
> Spent majority of the day trying to solve the regression, without much
> success. Even simplest kernel needed for BMW scene is about 10% slower.
> This is mainly coming from bump nodes. Enabling all other features makes
> things even worse performance wise.
> I did some tweaks again to make sure all functions are inlined in the same
> manner by CUDA 8.0 as they used to be before. So now PTax output shows
> exactly same function, but for some reason spills are just higher with new
> toolkit and at the same time stack usage is reasonably slower. Not sure
> what's going on here and think we'd better leave this alone for until
> official toolkit is released.
> For the time being i've switched buildbots to use more complicated setup,
> using CUDA 7.5 for all kernels except sm_60 and sm_61 (new generation
> cards) and using new toolkit only for new kernels.
> So hopefully now all maxwell and lower crads have same performance as
> before. And yet users of new cards can have some degree of GPU rendering.
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