[Bf-cycles] Remove old Sky Model

Thomas Volkmann lists at thomasvolkmann.com
Tue Apr 5 10:34:16 CEST 2016

>  > If we would get a more realistic Glass shader (at the same performance
>  > level), no one would complain that the render looks different (aka
>  > backwards compat breakage)
>  No one would complain for a new projects he (or she) is working on. However,
> if you replace shader completely, then you'll most likely have a complaint.
>  It does happen when during movie production when you need to go back to a
> shot a re-render some frames. If they'll look different you'll be screwed to
> re-render full shot. This even happened during open movies here in the studio.

Usually you don't switch Software-versions during production. If you do on
purpose then you are prepared to deal with changes. Once a project is finished
it is tied to that software version, so if you're going to do some changes
later, you dig out that old version of the Software (or you take your time to
port it to a newer version).  

That said, minor version numbers should probably be consistent (e.g. the latest
2.7x can render render stuff done in 2.71). So best point for changes would be


Just sayin',


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