[Bf-cycles] Cycles standalone questions

haggi krey haggi at haggi.de
Fri Oct 30 19:28:34 CET 2015


I'm not sure if this is the correct list to ask. But I could not find 
another ressource.
So if I'm wrong here it would be great if you could give me a hint where 
to search so some support about Cycles.

So what do I want?
I plan to implement Cycles into Autodesk Maya. I have built a framework 
to implement 3rd party renderers into Maya was works quite fine with 
Appleseed and others.
Because I already implemented some OSL translation from Maya to 
Appleseed I thought it could be an interesting idea to reuse the whole 
system to do the same with Cycles.
I started with the Cycles standalone, compiled it and try to write a 
simple application which creates a triangle and renders it.
Well, interestingly it already seems to work even if I did not throw 
anyting into the scene yet, what means Cycles is a really well designed 

But I'm a bit lost how the whole system works. I could not find any 
documentation of the methods or params.
e.g. how can I stop a rendering? I created a session and started it what 
seems to start a rendering:

To block the process unti it it finished I do:
But the process seems to to end and waits for something. The last log 
line says:

Sample 800 Done: Path Tracing Tile 80/80, Sample 10/10

Thanks for any support.


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