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Stefan Werner swerner at smithmicro.com
Mon Nov 30 12:29:17 CET 2015

Thank you! We have more changes and fixes that we would like to submit, if there is interest in it. From the top of my head, we have texture coordinates for area and point light, spiral bucket order and optional usage of host (main) memory for CUDA renders. Note that we have only Cycles core code, our features are not integrated into Blender.

Work in progress is the use of OIIO texture caching for CPU renders, using tiled mip maps. Still missing for this feature to be ready are missing differentials for samples that do not originate from camera ray hits, such as rays starting from a light source or SSS samples.

Going forward, I was wondering what the road map is for the kernel split? We would eventually love to have a split kernel for CUDA, and I think a split kernel for the CPU could also allow massive out-of-core scenes*. I would not mind contributing to the development of the split kernel myself, but would like to coordinate the effort with the Blender team or any other interested developers before we end up with duplicate development efforts.

Working with Cycles was a pleasure overall and in retrospect, we are happy with our choice of render engine. We are looking forward to exposing more of Cycles’ features in Poser and hope to contribute useful patches to Cycles in the future. Thanks go to all developers of Cycles.



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>Poser Pro 11 has been released and ships with "SuperFly", which is based 
>on Cycles. (See this mail from Stefan from July: 
>It's really nice to see this, congratulations to the developers at Smith 
>Micro, and also thanks for contributing back some fixes to us!
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