[Bf-cycles] Collecting official benchmark results

Lubomír Čenovský lubomir.cenovsky at seznam.cz
Mon Nov 2 11:02:32 CET 2015

I'm hoping that I'm sending information about Cycles test reders on 
right e-mail address (I'm not in mailing list).

So I followed instructions written in this post/mail 
and here are my results.

For rendering I used blender CLI rendering over night and PC wasn't 
doing anything else, so I hope that results are objective and 
undistroted by any other PC usage.

System specs:
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64 bit
16 GiB RAM
Intel i7-4770S @ 3.1GHZ x 8
MSI GeForce GTX 680

Render results (I didn't made any alterations to test files, just 
switching from CPU to GPU rendering and changing tile size for render):

Classroom -
CPU (tile size 32x32)    MEGA    29:58.12    SPLIT    30:01.45
GPU (tile size 240x216)    MEGA    16:30.53    SPLIT    16:23.93

Fishy Cat -
CPU (tile size 32x32)    MEGA    14:52.64    SPLIT    14:54.76
GPU (tile size 256x256)    MEGA    10:47.15    SPLIT    10:48.8

Koro -
CPU (tile size 32x32)    MEGA    21:37.49    SPLIT    21:28.46
GPU (tile size 240x256)    MEGA    43:50.06    SPLIT    43:50.75

Pavilon Barcelona -
CPU (tile size 32x32)    MEGA    24:23.76    SPLIT    24:21.61
GPU (tile size 256x240)    MEGA    18:59.28    SPLIT    18:59.62

Sponza -
CPU (tile size 32x32)    MEGA    21:12.25    SPLIT    21:04.30
GPU (tile size 200x214)    MEGA    09:13.16    SPLIT    09:13.29

Best Regards

Lubomír Čenovský
Grafik & 3D Generalista
lubomircenovsky.net <http://lubomircenovsky.net/>
+420 604 890 651
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