[Bf-cycles] Cycles Standalone third-party Integration with XML API

Thomas Dinges blender at dingto.org
Thu May 21 21:03:07 CEST 2015

Hi Prayaag,
answers inline.

Am 21.05.2015 um 20:54 schrieb Prayaag Kasundra:
> Hi all,
> I have been asking few question in #BlenderCoders IRC which I earlier 
> thought would be right forum for asking. But it seems this Cycles 
> mailing list would be the right place.
> We are integrating Standalone cycles with our 3D design application. 
> We are able to generate basic XML from our application which contains 
> camera, meshes/vertices, etc. But we are running into problem in 
> shaders/materials.  Although we can generate needed XML for it from 
> our application, we don’t  know what XML config is required for some 
> of shader nodes (When referring to nodes available in blender 
> integrate cycles).
Cool, great to see Cycles being used in various environments. :)
> I have following question. It would be great if someone can answer them.
> 1.Which material/shader node aren’t supported by XML API at all ?  ETA 
> on support for any of them? (Basically want to know which nodes might 
> take months to arrive in XML APIs)
As far as I know, all nodes are wrapped in the XML API. There are some 
settings missing I guess (integrator..), but the nodes should be 
complete. If not, this can be fixed easily. Just tell us if something 
doesn't work.
> 2.How do we define uv config in XML for <image_texture> node to work ?
UV Coordinates support is not supported in XML yet I think, have to 
double check.
> 3.We require bump node badly . Is this supported ?
Bump Node is indeed missing in the API, will fix today.
> I know this is too personal request. But please provide little help in 
> XML api. We are using cycles in serious product. I am not ace coder 
> and can't understand cycles source code so can't promise to contribute 
> to it. But we will certainly contribute in creating wiki and spreading 
> word out and contributing and into getting Cycles standalone used by 
> lot more people.
> Thanks
> Prayaag
Best regards,

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