[Bf-cycles] Cycles Standalone third-party Integration with XML API

Prayaag Kasundra prayaag at decorastudio.com
Thu May 21 20:54:03 CEST 2015

Hi all, 


I have been asking few question in #BlenderCoders IRC which I earlier
thought would be right forum for asking. But it seems this Cycles mailing
list would be the right place. 


We are integrating Standalone cycles with our 3D design application. We are
able to generate basic XML from our application which contains camera,
meshes/vertices, etc. But we are running into problem in shaders/materials.
Although we can generate needed XML for it from our application, we don't
know what XML config is required for some of shader nodes (When referring to
nodes available in blender integrate cycles). 


I have following question. It would be great if someone can answer them. 


1.    Which material/shader node aren't supported by XML API at all ?  ETA
on support for any of them? (Basically want to know which nodes might take
months to arrive in XML APIs)

2.    How do we define uv config in XML for <image_texture> node to work ? 

3.    We require bump node badly . Is this supported ?


I know this is too personal request. But please provide little help in XML
api. We are using cycles in serious product. I am not ace coder and can't
understand cycles source code so can't promise to contribute to it. But we
will certainly contribute in creating wiki and spreading word out and
contributing and into getting Cycles standalone used by lot more people.





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