[Bf-cycles] Would it be possible to implement CPU render for one layer and GPU for other?

ertuqueque ertuqueque at gmail.com
Fri Mar 13 19:40:22 CET 2015


It may not be necessary yo clarify, but what I mean with "doing CPU and GPU
at the same time", is to render an entire scene or render pass with one
devise and another different scene or render layer in another devise... at
the same time. Almost as if you opened two instances of Blender and hit
render at the same time; one with GPU and the other one with CPU... Just in
this case, I'd like it to be a feature in Blender. You know, Blender being
able to "detect" these configurations in a project and instead of launching
one render and then the other (as currently does), just launch both renders
at the same time... I know this may not be trivial to implement and it may
task a lot the system resources, but if your computer can handle it, it
would be a VERY welcome feature.

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