[Bf-cycles] OpenCL on AMD GPUs

Nazim Mer nazim.mer at gmail.com
Mon Mar 2 03:40:10 CET 2015

Hello Nirved and amd developers or anyone else thats set out to sort out
blender cycles on amd gpus,

is there any progress on your work, i really do hope this works out well as
i am hoping to get an amd gpu soon.....
Every thing i use at the moment uses open standards except cuda,

the more features that use open standards i.e. opencl the better it is for
the longevity of a feature as well as portability...?

please enlighten us on the progress of cycles on amd gpus and its

cycles should have been written correctly in the first place, now we face
an issue where it suffers from some aspects of blender internal but is also
better than internal.....a major oxymoron....!!!!!

Nazim Mer
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