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Stefan Werner swerner at smithmicro.com
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Hi Thomas,

there isn't much public info out yet, a full announcement will come at a later point. I'm not very comfortable with posting images of prerelease software, but if either of you attends SIGGRAPH, I'd be more than happy to show you what we have and exchange ideas over a beverage of your choice.

The public sneak peak for our next version is here:


Our content creators are still wrapping their heads around learning the new features they have in their hands now, so the renders may not do Cycles justice. I'm sure you know more than anyone else what the possibilities are.

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Hi Stefan,
that is great news, I am happy to see Cycles being used outside of Blender.

Are there already some public images/infos available from the renderer inside Poser or so?

Best regards,

Am 15.07.2015 um 14:50 schrieb Stefan Werner:

Let me just introduce myself real quick: I'm Stefan Werner, software engineer at Smith Micro working on Poser: (
http://poser.smithmicro.com ). We are planning to include a fork of Cycles as a render engine in our next release. There will be a number of changes that we do to the code that will not be relevant to Blender (for example, in the Poser universe Y is up), but certainly some bug fixes or maybe even features that we can contribute back. Would the most appropriate way for that be to go through developer.blender.org?


Stefan Werner  |  Senior Software Engineer; Productivity & Graphics
Smith Micro Software, Inc.  |  http://www.smithmicro.com<http://www.smithmicro.com/>

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