[Bf-cycles] A feature request that was made at the 2014 conference by Bartok Skorupa

Marc Dion marcdion1974 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 15 15:49:49 CEST 2015

In his presentation, Bartok mentioned that the MixRGB node does not have
the ability to accept negative numbers (time = 17:00 mins).  He was asked
why he would like to see this by (presumably by a developer in the
audience), he explained why and it sounded as if he was told that this
change would be included.


I think the feature request was forgotten, the node was never upgraded. ;)

It's nice to be able to simply treat the RGB node as a math node that can
deal with multiple values simultaneously without having all the clutter of
Separate/Combine nodes plugged into a separate Math nodes that each must be
altered individually since that node only uses scalar values.

The actual math node also does not have a mix factor available which is a
valuable feature of the MixRGB node.

The Combine node also does not accept negative values.

Thanks for any consideration of this matter, and please do keep up the
amazing work. Cheers :)
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