[Bf-cycles] Building OSL for Blender

Kevin Atkinson kevin.atkinson at gmail.com
Sat Jan 31 03:41:54 CET 2015

I'm using OSL gabor noise for displacements in Blender, and I've been
noticing nasty circle artifacts, coming from the rather coarse thresholding
of the gaussian kernel.  I've been doing experiments with the gabor noise
code outside of blender, and got very good results by simply changing the

static const float Gabor_Truncate = 0.02f;


static const float Gabor_Truncate = 0.0002f;

This causes the search radius for impulses to be about half again as
large, at some performance cost.  But not bad for reducing the
artifact magnitude by a factor of a hundred.

I'd like to get this working in Blender just for my own use and
further testing, but I'm having trouble building OSL for blender.
I've checked out the "blender-fixes" branch, but I get linking errors
because for some reason it doesn't link to the C++ standard library.

I don't know much about CMake, and I am under the gun a bit, so I'm
trying to to get in touch with whoever built the mac OSL library for
blender to see if they have any suggestions.  Would that be Lukas

Many thanks, and any help much appreciated,

Kevin Atkinson
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