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Brecht Van Lommel brechtvanlommel at pandora.be
Fri Oct 10 20:11:47 CEST 2014

In my first reply I mentioned this case could be optimized, so I agree
about that, it's possible to improve the code and usability here.

I'm just pointing out that if a developer wants to look into this, and
actually wants to optimize for the case of GI + auxiliary direct lights,
then they need to look more carefully for what actually can be done in that
case, not a test case that shows a related but not quite the same situation.

On Oct 10, 2014 5:53 PM, "David Fenner" <d4vidfenner at gmail.com> wrote:
> Makes me sad how this discussion turned out.
> "Well yes, it would be nice if Cycles could automatically detect when it
can set global bounces to 0, but you're not gaining any new capabilities
this way. I imagine that if you want no light bounces at all, then you
would have probably just set global bounces to 0, rather than going through
the trouble of changing all lamps, emissive surfaces, volumes, ambient
occlusion, the world shader, and whatever else in the scene might be
emitting light."
> The tests made here are only a difuse shader and a lamp, so the one light
not bouncing should be the same in practice as no global diffuse bounces,
at least visually, since the only thing bouncing is that light . The result
in both cases is:
> - A scene with no visible diffuse bounces.
> There are no other shaders or emissive surfaces, no AO, no world, etc.
> "I understand the use case, GI with some auxiliary lights that do not
> use GI. But the tests being done here are not representative of that,"
> The intention was to make note about the fact that two things being
visually the same (diffuse bounce or no bounce, whether is through the lamp
or globally), have tremendously different render times, so the question was
wether lamps not bouncing could be optimized, so when we have the use case
already mentioned render times could decrease (only a few lights bounce but
others don't).
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