[Bf-cycles] Normalized Emission shader

David Black db4tech at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Nov 9 21:03:06 CET 2014

Hi Marco,

This is something I feel would be very helpful as the default behaviour.

While improving Sweet Home 3D's render engine results (user db4tech), 
lights is one of the areas I looked at, allowing size (for soft shadows) 
and intensity changes, previously lights had a small fixed size and 
intensity. One of my goals, to make it easier for artists, was to try 
and make sure lights intensity remained constant while size was 
adjusted. Certainly made light manipulation a lot easier and received 
very positive feedback.

Link: (render results image links are no longer working)



On 09/11/2014 17:41, Marco G wrote:
> Hi members,
> months ago a feature regarding the Emission node has been removed, the 
> problem is that it was never exposed to the UI but actually pretty 
> useful, so i'm writing to ask to bring it back if possible and if 
> other members agree.
> With this option enabled the total amount of emitted light is the same 
> regardless of the mesh size. (it would still be optional of course).
> Biggest advantage it would be that once you're satisfied with how much 
> light you have in your scene you can resize the light without 
> affecting its power, for example to make it bigger to soften shadows 
> or get bigger reflections, without the need to adjust the strenght 
> since it would stay equal.
> If reimplemented, maybe a flag "Normalize" exposed in the emission 
> node would do the job?
> Tooltip: "If checked, the total amount of emitted light is the same 
> regardless of the mesh size"
> Opinions?
> Thanks,
> MG
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