[Bf-cycles] Optimization project

Daniel Salazar - patazstudio.com zanqdo at gmail.com
Wed Mar 12 06:40:07 CET 2014

Hi Coders! Dingto, Brecht, Lockal et al.

After finishing our small part of the Gooseberry teaser I can
certainly say it has been our most resource and time expensive work
yet (considering it's only 87 frames).


The rendertime went up to 3.5h in CPU mode using an AMD FX-8350
Octocore and about 2.5h - 3h on a GeForce 480GTX SC depending on
screen coverage of the character (both where running at the same time
so this might not be a super accurate time)

The heavy rendertime came mostly from the use of SSS in both the
caterpillar, and to a lesser extent the twig. At 2048 s/p the noise
was still noticeable on the character's body when animated so we ended
up pulling 3072 s/p. At this quality I can not see any noise even in
the original PNGs :)

I'm offering this complete scene as a production test file for
hopefully improving the rendering speed of Cycles. It is definitely
not a light scene, using up to 4 GI bounces, SSS and hair; on the
other hand, it is only 1 character in an outdoors lighting set with no
physical environment so I would think it's just a taste of the
requirements of a real gooseberry shot :D


So pick your favorite frame, grab a cup of coffee and hit F12!

kind regards,

Daniel Salazar

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