[Bf-cycles] preview settings and RGB values in texture paint and cycles

Jim Cantley semajcantley at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 2 22:08:32 CET 2014


I'm a big fan of cycles and wanted to give quick input to help streamline its use and make it more awesome! Very easy stuff to fix (and gosh, I wish I knew what you guys know!) 

The ctrl-b preview feature is fantastic! However, if I want to preview only the camera view and nothing outside of it, I have to select beyond the camera bounds to reset the border checkbox in render settings, then I have to check the border checkbox again to render exactly what's inside the camera border. There should be an option to lock render bounds to the camera border. Changing the ctrl-b preview to beyond the border of the passepartout resets this feature and renders stuff beyond the camera border (increasing preview time), but there should be a way to lock it permanently to camera bounds. I always keep passepartout alpha set to 1 because seeing stuff outside of the camera bounds seems to throw off the way to gauge composition. 

Something else - the RGB settings in texture paint don't match the RGB settings in the cycles nodes. I can set RGB to .5, .5, .5 in texture paint and I get a HEX code of 808080 (perfect gray), but in cycles I get a HEX code of BCBCBC. To get a middle gray I need to set cycles color nodes to .216, .216, .216. Is there something I'm missing there? 

I really love what you guys are doing, thank you so much! If this is helpful and you'd like me to make any more notes in the future I'd be happy to do it because I want this rendering engine to be the best it can be! I really appreciate everything the blender community is doing, thank you.

Kind regards,

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