[Bf-cycles] Potentially incredible fast rendering idea :-D

x3108 at chello.at x3108 at chello.at
Thu Jun 19 16:54:16 CEST 2014

Guys, i have an absolutely great idea :-D (i hope so!!!!) increasing render speed up to 10000% for animations i think :-D

1. You take the z values of every pixel in the buffer
2. You compare them with the geometry and see if the previous frame intersects the same geometry ray.
3. You can now HEAVILY pre estimate the sample color only after way fewer samples, basically CLAMPING the result BASED on the previous data!!!
4. Also you have the motion vectors, and if the threshold fails, ONLY THEN you render full sample that pixel!

This would NOT be an interpolation, of pixels, but only a smart way of NOT rendering the same noise again and again making use of temporal information. This would speed up especially slow GI scenes a LOT with way less noise and NO new BiDir hokus-pokus calculations!
Also the clamping would not cut any dynamic range/highlights, because it is driven by the pre estimated buffer data, which is full range.

Imagine this like a temporal denoiser, BUT driven with the information of ray intersection/geometry and motion vectors up to a certain threshold of lets say 32 Samples. And if the threshold is not reached, full render sampling is invoked for that pixel.
I think it needs to be part of the cycles code for ray calculations, its not a post operation i think.

Brecht... maybe before you leave ? ;-)
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