[Bf-cycles] Porting Blender Internal Environment Map feature to Cycles (with name change)

Przemyslaw Golab golab.przemyslaw at gmail.com
Mon Jun 16 05:33:56 CEST 2014


Feature request. In Blender Internal renderer there is nifty feature
to project environment on object with an option to save this map as a texture.

The tool is located in Blender Internal Textures > Environment Map >
Environment Map Sub Panel.

Looks like this:

and here is a small video tutorial which explains how it can be used:

I would also suggest changing the name to Environment Projection/Probe
or something close.
When I was talking about this feature on IRC everybody confused it with
Environment Texturing and it's something opposite to it :)
You Texture object with environment surrounding it, not environment
with a texture :)

I was able to do it myself with panorama camera, environment texture
and new baking features in Cycles. But it's a lot of tedious and
tricky to set-up repetitive work, that adds up more if you iterate
with tweaks and changes and I had to create additional worker scene
for projection baking part. In Blender Internal it was nicely automated.


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