[Bf-cycles] Biased Rendering

Mafteiu Scai Vlad mafteiuscaivlad at gmail.com
Wed Jul 2 16:10:55 CEST 2014

There were some people asking for biased rendering on the octane forums as
well. I guess there ain't no such things as fast enough.

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2014-07-02 16:54 GMT+03:00 storm <kartochka22 at yandex.ru>:

> В Ср, 02/07/2014 в 16:24 +0300, Mafteiu Scai Vlad пишет:
> > What about an option for spectral rendering?
> >
> > Vlad Mafteiu Scai
> >
> Basic Spectral render is 10 lines, it simplest thing that still not in
> trunk. One additional sampling dimension, and apply black body curve
> sampled by that to actual color before  store to pixel buffer.
> Some BSDF need to respect it, as glass, and current wavelenght must be
> exposed to shaders, it take 10 more lines of code. I have done it long
> time ago.
> The problem is it hardly to be usable (as volumetrics things btw), only
> few extreme scenes with diamonds on floor. And in turn, most cool part
> is caustic, it take looong time to converge even with MLT.
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