[Bf-cycles] Render passes and flat mirrors

Greg Zaal gregzzmail at gmail.com
Thu Jan 2 20:33:43 CET 2014

Hey Adriano, everyone,

You would have to create these custom passes as render layers instead, or
perhaps in a different scene completely. Either way, you would basically
create a material for the pass you want (using camera depth, AO shaders,
solid color emission shaders for IDs...) and assign it to everything, then
assign a normal glossy shader for the reflective mirrors.

On a related note, one thing I like in Maya (although it's also the most
buggy thing I've ever worked with) is the ability to override materials per
render-layer, meaning an object can have one material assigned to it for
one layer, and a different one assigned to it for another layer. Is this
possible in blender currently without duplicating the object or scene?
If not, is it a feasible idea? It could even be node based, using something
like the Attribute node as a sort of boolean "Is X Render Layer", like
mask/matte type of thing.

Greg Zaal

On 2 January 2014 21:02, Adriano Oliveira <adriano.ufrb at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dears,
> I have an animation scene in an elevator that has a big flat mirror.
> Is there any way to Cycles generate render passes for whatever is "inside"
> the reflection, like Z, AO, ID...
> Adriano A. Oliveira
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