[Bf-cycles] A year or so in the making.....

Nazim Mer nazim.mer at gmail.com
Mon Feb 3 23:21:30 CET 2014

Hello developers,
Have a look at the following thread:


thanks to recent developments in the amd opencl drivers. amd gpu users are
beginning to see results in compiling and rendering scenes on AMD
GPUs....(such as hair )?


Could future developments in cycles be optimized for opencl....

What one of the blenderheads mention of opencl on amd gpus is

'Looks really good. I would expect a good speedup if we ever get the
artificially ability to limit the ammount of registers we allow the OpenCL
compiler to use. For cuda we depend on this to get decent performance.
Cycles is so big / complex that the compiler will use all registers if we
do not limit this and that decreases the amount of threads we can run by a
factor of 4-8 depending on hardware. If we ever get this performance should
be much more in line with cuda but it will need code changes as the current
code has no way of doing this for non Nvidia hardware.'*JUICYFRUIT*.....

Hopefully, with this new development...
Everyones favourite render engine could soon see itself being

Kind Regards....

Nazim Mer
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