[Bf-cycles] Cycles: Add an experimental CUDA kernel.

Carlo Andreacchio carlorules at gmail.com
Thu Aug 28 06:08:36 CEST 2014

Just tested the memory usage, there still is a massive increase in memory
usage when using experimental vs supported kernels...

Generic Test scene:
Supported - 850mb
Experimental - 1408mb

Tried to run Mike Pans BMW benchmark but I could not get it to load under
experimental kernel (1500mb ram limit, kernel was too big)

Are you using a external program to report the memory usage for the GPU?
Cycles does not report GPU memory correctly to blender.


>Hi Thomas and Sergey,
>Firstly, thank you kindly for adding experimental GPU SSS cubin files,
>what an exciting, unexpected, surprise!
>Amazed to find Experimental cubin using exactly same amount of memory as
>Supported cubin in a complex scene containing SSS. Also, less memory
>than Blender 2.70a and 2.69.1 (GPU SSS test version).
>Understandably Experimental cubin are a little slower than Supported
>cubin due to SSS calculations, but not by a massive amount!
>If helpful/interested added GPGPU memory consumption and speed test
>results at the end of this mail.
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