[Bf-cycles] Cycles: Add an experimental CUDA kernel.

David Black db4tech at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Aug 28 05:45:53 CEST 2014

Hi Thomas and Sergey,


Firstly, thank you kindly for adding experimental GPU SSS cubin files, 
what an exciting, unexpected, surprise!

Amazed to find Experimental cubin using exactly same amount of memory as 
Supported cubin in a complex scene containing SSS. Also, less memory 
than Blender 2.70a and 2.69.1 (GPU SSS test version).
Understandably Experimental cubin are a little slower than Supported 
cubin due to SSS calculations, but not by a massive amount!
If helpful/interested added GPGPU memory consumption and speed test 
results at the end of this mail.

In relation Blender file size increase (extra cubin files), is it worth 
switching to 7-zip, at the very least for Buildbot versions? Saving 
server space and bandwidth.
For those on Windows not wanting to install 7-zip, there's a portable 
version (portableapps.com).

Size compare
blender-2.71-6891f1c-win64.zip    94.7MB
blender-2.71-6891f1c-win64.7z     56.9MB


*Above mentioned GPGPU memory and speed test results, complex scene 
containing SSS (border region F12 render)*
Windows 7 x64
2 GTX 580 (headless)

_Blender 2.71.6 Hash 6891f1c_
*Experimental (GPU SSS) cubin*
Memory: Peak 2657.23
Time: 02:43.32

*Supported (non-GPU SSS) cubin*
Memory: Peak 2657.23
Time: 02:18.99

_Blender 2.69.1 Hash r60701M (RC1, GPU SSS test version)_
Memory: Peak 2746.60
Time: 02:46.61

_Blender 2.70a__Hash __f93bc76 (GPU SSS not supported)_
Memory: Peak 2713.78
Time: 02:10.29

Thank you,


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