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Thank you kindly for adding it to the wiki, you propose some very 
interesting adaptations on my original idea. If choose the direction of 
a progressive resolution approach, it might be best not to follow a 
linear path, for example, first 50-100 samples at quarter resolution, 
next 500-1000 samples at half resolution, remainder at full resolution, 
or percentage thereof based upon total user selected Preview samples.

If you experiment with this at a future time and need a beta tester, I’m 
happy to test this for you and provide feedback.



On 11/04/2014 11:49, Brecht Van Lommel wrote:
> Hi,
> I've added a section now on viewport render optimization. I was mostly
> thinking about optimizations for the final render, which is probably
> what I will spend most time on now, but might as well list this on the
> page.
> Brecht.
> On Thu, Apr 10, 2014 at 10:03 PM, David Black <db4tech at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
>> Hi Brecht,
>> Hope you had a nice holiday. Apologies for late response to requests,
>> difficult last year and a half due to bereavement.
>> Cycles optimization project:
>> Previously you showed interested in one of my Viewport Cycles render
>> acceleration ideas and mentioned about adding it to your list. Quick recap,
>> the idea of a ‘Quick’ rendered (lighting / material preview) option,
>> Viewport rendered at half resolution, scaled to fit the full area and
>> possibly capped render settings, for example, 5 max bounces instead of 8.
>> Having tried some tests, this provides quite a speed boost on high
>> resolution displays. Is this something you are interested in, in connection
>> with your optimization project?
>> Put together a little mock-up (see links below), sorry it’s not very good.
>> Ignore mini camera icons ((continuity test to see how it might look for new
>> users, compared to current video style ‘record’ icon), “LV” letters indicate
>> Live View, like on a real digital camera).
>> Time difference shown (in this case GPGPU renders) is the real time
>> comparison, around 75% faster.
>> http://www.pasteall.org/pic/69638
>> http://www.pasteall.org/pic/69639
>> For speed compare, I halved the Viewport area and rendered the scene, then
>> in Photoshop scaled the area back up to full size to see how it might look.
>> As expected, noise is more noticeable but half resolution still seems
>> adequate for very quick ‘interactive’ lighting previews while positioning
>> lights in real time.
>> Interested to hear constructive feedback.
>> Thank you kindly for your time,
>> David
>> --
>> 3d-designs-davidblack.blogspot.com
>> On 05/02/2014 16:02, Brecht Van Lommel wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> With Gooseberry coming up, it would be good to start focusing on (CPU)
>> optimization for the next few release cycles. For new features I still
>> plan to finish volume rendering and add deformation motion blur soon,
>> but besides that a more organized optimization project is something
>> I'd like to spend time on.
>> See this wiki page for more details:
>> http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Dev:2.6/Source/Render/Cycles/Optimization
>> There's already great work being done by Sv. Lockal and others in this
>> area, on the low level optimization front, but there's many more
>> opportunities. I'll try to add more detail and ideas over time, this
>> is just what I could think of off the top of my head.
>> You can help out in various ways:
>> * Contribute code to implement optimizations
>> * Help gathering of test scenes representative of Gooseberry shots
>> * Suggest practical optimizations ideas
>> It would also be cool if someone could set up some webpage with a
>> graph that tracks Cycles performance on test scenes over time, maybe
>> doing a render with the latest Git version once a week or so (like
>> http://arewefastyet.com/
>> ).
>> Thanks,
>> Brecht.
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