[Bf-cycles] Viewport render keyboard shortcut + minor Cycles viewport interface consideration

Greg Zaal gregzzmail at gmail.com
Thu Sep 5 21:53:36 CEST 2013

Alt+ZZ would be a bad idea - switching to textured mode even momentarily
will cause a bit delay in scenes with lots of textures to load. Is Shift+Z
taken by anything? I'd be glad to have a hotkey.

Moving the pause button is a good idea I think - and while we're on the
topic of moving things, I'd appreciate if the Samples count in the top bar
was moved all the way to the left - it's common to use a smaller window to
render with, and memory consumption is not quite as important IMO as the
render progress. Currently if the window is too small and you want to see
how far it is, you cannot do so since resizing the window will restart the
render. Memory consumption doesn't change so much during render and thus
could move to the right and resizing the window wouldn't be an issue to see
those values.

On 5 September 2013 21:38, David Black <db4tech at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

>  Hi Brecht,
> Just been thinking about a possible keyboard shortcut for 'Viewport
> Shading Rendered', not easy since most logical key combinations are already
> allocated. I find 'Alt Z' a very useful toggle for rapidly switching
> between 'Viewport Shading Solid' and 'Viewport Shading Texture', how about
> 'Alt ZZ' (inspired by key combination 'GG' Edge Loop slide) to quickly
> switch to 'Viewport Shading Rendered', 'Alt Z' returns to previously
> selected mode of viewport shading solid or texture?
> Also, to prevent toolbar horizontal scrolling on a secondary smaller
> viewport window (useful for faster viewport rendering), what are your
> thoughts on moving the 'Pause all viewport preview renders' button (which
> appears only while 'Viewport Shading Rendered' is active) next to the
> viewport shading select button? Being so closely related, it feels logical
> that they might be found within close proximity to each other.
> Thank you kindly for your time and feedback,
> David
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