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Fri May 31 20:09:34 CEST 2013

> When we put the fresnel in the BSDF node, the main issue is how you
> mix / layer such BSDF's. I haven't figured out a design yet for more
> advanced layering of BSDF's. Maybe the BSDF node needs to output some
> mix / layer weight, or we need a new Layer Shader node, or something
> else entirely? What would need to be done is look at some layered BSDF
> models, write down the equations and figure out how we can split that
> in composable nodes.
> I'm not familiar enough yet with this stuff to give good advice, would
> need to do a lot more reading and thinking for that. The design would
> have to fit in the OSL closure model, where the result of a shader
> evaluation is a linear combination of closures. If a linear
> combination is not possible then a special layering closure could be
> created too, which takes other closures as parameters but I'm not sure
> if this will be needed.
> Brecht.
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Why not have a add-shader node with multiple inputs, a slider for each one
of them, and a Clamp switch?
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