[Bf-cycles] Object Motion Blur UI Patch

Gavin Howard gavin.d.howard at gmail.com
Tue May 7 05:40:21 CEST 2013

     All (especially Brecht),

     For those of you that don't remember, I am the one that submitted
the GSoC proposal for Deformation Motion Blur. With that in mind, I
have uploaded a patch (#35243) to the patch tracker. It is a very
simple patch. It only adds in the UI elements for per-object motion
blur settings. It adds a Motion Blur section under the Object tab in
the Properties view. In that section, it adds the ability to select
how many steps the user wants to use for that object's motion blur, as
well as the ability to turn on Deformation Motion Blur.

     For now, the settings don't do anything. The patch simply adds
the elements. My purpose behind doing this was exploration. I need to
understand Cycles' addon code to do GSoC, and it was the easiest way
for me to jump in. Hopefully, more patches will be forthcoming.

     But in the meantime, will any interested developers review the
code? I would also like users to review the placement, form, etc of
the UI elements. (Note that the UI elements will be activated if
motion blur is enabled under the render menu.)

     Now, I understand that it is BCon4, and that a showstopper bug
was recently found. I understand that the developers are rushing to
get AHOY! on time because of that. I don't expect the reviews
immediately. I am hoping that it will at least be reviewed once the
release is out the door, though. Whatever happens, I am just thankful
for any feedback. Thanks!

     God Bless,
     Gavin Howard

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