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Thomas Dinges blender at dingto.org
Mon Jan 28 00:08:00 CET 2013

As I wrote, it's pretty efficient. It uses only 2 Transmission bounces, 
1 Glossy bounce and even 0 Diffuse bounces.
Each preview is also pretty low poly (Monkey has about 8k verts, not 
sure if we reduce this without affecting quality too much).

Anyway, I don't want to compromise too much. If people have an old 
system, there is nothing we can do about it.
The preview should be still much faster than a 3D view render, as it's 
fairly small and if people don't want/need it, they can simply close the 
"Preview" panel. :)

Am 27.01.2013 23:59, schrieb Paulius Mscichauskas:
> In my opinion the preview scene should be as primitive as possible 
> with as much saving on polygons and light interactions as possible.
> It should be set to render pretty much instantantly even on really 
> slow machines.
> How far can this be dumbed down to still be pretty, but also as fast 
> as possible?
> On 28 January 2013 00:40, Thomas Dinges <blender at dingto.org 
> <mailto:blender at dingto.org>> wrote:
>     Hey Sergey and Brecht,
>     here is my Cycles Preview Scene attempt:
>     Image: http://blender.dingto.org/dev/preview_render_cycles.jpg
>     Blend: http://blender.dingto.org/dev/preview_cycles.blend
>     What works:
>     * Material Preview
>     * World Preview
>     * Lamps (Point, Spot and Area)
>     Open issues:
>     * Sun and Hemi Lamps do not work (most likely to the closed mesh)
>     * As it uses the scene settings of the preview.blend, we have a issue
>     with OSL.
>     Either we enable OSL in the preview.blend (a bit slower then) or we
>     won't have OSL previews. Alternative would be to override this
>     parameter.
>     It's fairly efficient (preview renders in <=1s here on my i7 2 GHZ and
>     it uses the Non Progressive integrator, as it gives a better Noise
>     Ratio
>     (especially Glossy Reflections).
>     I am open to suggestions/improvements.
>     Best regards,
>     Thomas
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