[Bf-cycles] Preview Render Scene

Jeremias Boos Jeremias.boos at gmx.de
Mon Jan 28 00:01:58 CET 2013

I hope as user I could also make suggestions and say what I think ;)

for sun and Hemi Lamps you could make the Backfaces Invisible for lightrays.
For Preview, I would as user prefer to use the Current Cycles settings 
so I have the exact preview for the material. (If I have OSL materials 
they go Black if OSL not active)

Jeremias Boos

Am 27.01.2013 23:40, schrieb Thomas Dinges:
> Hey Sergey and Brecht,
> here is my Cycles Preview Scene attempt:
> Image: http://blender.dingto.org/dev/preview_render_cycles.jpg
> Blend: http://blender.dingto.org/dev/preview_cycles.blend
> What works:
> * Material Preview
> * World Preview
> * Lamps (Point, Spot and Area)
> Open issues:
> * Sun and Hemi Lamps do not work (most likely to the closed mesh)
> * As it uses the scene settings of the preview.blend, we have a issue
> with OSL.
> Either we enable OSL in the preview.blend (a bit slower then) or we
> won't have OSL previews. Alternative would be to override this parameter.
> It's fairly efficient (preview renders in <=1s here on my i7 2 GHZ and
> it uses the Non Progressive integrator, as it gives a better Noise Ratio
> (especially Glossy Reflections).
> I am open to suggestions/improvements.
> Best regards,
> Thomas

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