[Bf-cycles] Preview Render Scene

Thomas Dinges blender at dingto.org
Sun Jan 27 23:40:39 CET 2013

Hey Sergey and Brecht,
here is my Cycles Preview Scene attempt:

Image: http://blender.dingto.org/dev/preview_render_cycles.jpg
Blend: http://blender.dingto.org/dev/preview_cycles.blend

What works:
* Material Preview
* World Preview
* Lamps (Point, Spot and Area)

Open issues:
* Sun and Hemi Lamps do not work (most likely to the closed mesh)
* As it uses the scene settings of the preview.blend, we have a issue 
with OSL.
Either we enable OSL in the preview.blend (a bit slower then) or we 
won't have OSL previews. Alternative would be to override this parameter.

It's fairly efficient (preview renders in <=1s here on my i7 2 GHZ and 
it uses the Non Progressive integrator, as it gives a better Noise Ratio 
(especially Glossy Reflections).

I am open to suggestions/improvements.

Best regards,

Thomas Dinges
Blender Developer, Artist and Musician


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