[Bf-cycles] Idea for collaboratory rendering (multiple rendering machines on a sigle frame)

Sam Vila samvila at gmail.com
Mon Jan 21 03:24:05 CET 2013

I just had an idea of how to get multiple computers to work together, I'm
not a developer but maybe this could bring you new way to have this feature
inside cycles, the basic idea is to use a different the seed option in
cycles for each computer and allow the computers to send the actual
calculated image into a common direction (this could be a folder or to the
master service with the network add-on). Actually the main problem is that
you cannot save or access the frame being calculated until is finished but
if we could have an option to save that frame even if the render isn't
finished that would allow to send the actual calculation into a common
folder and then join all the non-finished images by a post-processing
process. Do you get my point? that way we could use multiple machines to
work on a single frame. I know there's some other options (proper tile
rendering for multiple machines) but these other options requieres much
more work while my suggestion requires less effort in my opinion until the
tile rendering or other more complicated method is ready.
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