[Bf-cycles] Volumetric patch update (now with new shiny bidirectional integrator)

storm kartochka22 at yandex.ru
Sun Jan 20 11:41:02 CET 2013

In short: Not ready yet, but can make some almost correct pictures. At

Now after many tests, i can claim it have proper full path PDF and MIS.
Not very scientific tests passed, get few indoor scenes w/o transparent
and "camera visibility" booleans used, cover single point light source
by hull with small hole, compare result with unpatched Cycles. Looking
as Yafaray and Luxrender MIS weight, it mostly same, maybe few constant
offsets present, need more investigation.

I start to clean debug cruft to parepare it to more graphicall-ready
state. Dont hold your breath, limitations are same (only perview
viewport work, No GPU, persp camera w/o DoF, no Motion blur, only
emission/zero size point lights, no fancy visibility booleans, etc,
etc). It still in very beginning, It can beat trunk Cycles only on
selected scenes, and code bloat beyond any reasonable limits, but
complex scenes converging time looks promising.
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