[Bf-cycles] Volumetric patch update (now with new shiny bidirectional integrator)

Cal McGaugh cal at cal3d.com
Sat Jan 19 21:28:58 CET 2013

interesting, but will wait for the build.
Way over my head.
Cal =)

ps- also thanks to all who do the coding....unsung heroes.
"Nash geroi"

On January 19, 2013 at 9:01 AM storm <kartochka22 at yandex.ru> wrote:
> As Thomas Dinges already answered, yes, it is very experimental modified
> Cycles, you better stay of if you not coder and interested in that
> bidirectional sampling. It have so many bugs and produce wrong pictures
> except very small subset then only i am can make, as i know patch
> limitations. Actually, with that last patch I already have found very
> wrong shades when number of bounces more then 1. When it will be
> finished, you expect to get something like
> Luxrender/Mitshuba/Yafaray/etc bidirectional mode. The reason i post
> that unfinished patch is i found that geom factor used was wrong, only
> one cosine term was applied (correct formula is (cos(a)*cos(b)/t*t) ,
> was cos(b)/t*t ), and after i fixed that i get much more pleasent result
> then before, that is all.
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