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Re: What's wrong with this file?  in *OpenCL*


I tried this on a machine with 4GB of RAM... I followed the repro case
given by Nazim (the one with screenshots).

I was not using any external blend file. Just the default one that Blender
starts with (in line with Nazim's steps for repro)

The application consumed some 800MB of RAM before crashing and there was
still some free memory left.

I am using 12.10 Cat Driver on Windows 7, 64-bit machine.

AMD's engineering team is already aware of this issue and are tracking the
same. FYI.
At the moment, there is no known workaround.

However, if the Blender team is open to optimizing their code for AMD HW,
the engg team may be able to suggest some changes.

For example, the VRay App that suffers from a similar issue got some
massive improvements by moving to native functions.

Hope this helps,

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